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Manny "Digital" made his bones in The Bronx, NY. A son of Dominican immigrants, he grew up observing the pitfalls of his BX environment and carefully applied the lessons he picked up to set himself up for a better outcome.

One of those lessons came from his personal experience as part of a broken home. He knew early on the importance of a father's presence and how setting clear expectations with his eventual children would be the most impactful elements of building his family.

Fast forward... life ultimately connected Manny with KGB, which led to him meeting DJ EFN. Under the common bond of being fathers, these friends started an entertaining podcast called Father Hoods, where they chronicle their lives as Dads along with icons in Hip Hop like N.O.R.E., Ludacris, Bun B, actor Jerry Ferrara and many more. These Dads are also partners in FlyDadGear.com, a physical products company providing Dads with the resources and gear every Fly Dad needs.

Jan. 18, 2023

When a Mexican & Dominican Dads Flex Their Dad Muscles : Conversation…

Sometimes you meet new people by going to school with them or being raised in the same hood. That’s cool. But you know what’s cooler? Having a good friend introduce you someone they are certain you will hit it off …

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