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Becoming a Better Man, Better Human, and Better Dad

We are programming our kids whether we know it or not. My goal was to make sure to install the most flexible operating system that would serve my daughters all their lives.

Hear me talk about the intersection between personal development, health, wealth, and parenting.

I firmly believe that if you become a better human being, you magically become a better parent. I will share my stories and philosophies that have helped me eventually become the man I've always hoped to be and be the father I wish I had growing up. Make sure to subscribe and tune in.

I promise you'll feel something.

Recent Episodes

Write or Do Nothing At All- Secret to Being Productive Writer and Creator

April 7, 2022

"You have permission to not write. But you don't have permission to do anything else." Neil Gaiman Virtually everyone author that we admire struggles to write. Almost everyone author that we admire struggles to write. Yet th…

Practicing Safe Debt- How to Teach Kids About Credit, Debt, & FICO

March 31, 2022

How I Taught My Daughters About Money & to Practice Safe Debt A dad spends a lot of time worried about keeping our kids safe. Having open and candid conversations around money is as vital as conversations about sex. Listen a…

Becoming Comfortable with Life's Bloody Reality - A Story for Girl Dads

March 29, 2022

#Girldad started trending and became cool. But showing up is more than hashtags and feeling good about ourselves. It requires us to grow up and man up. Let's talk about some of the awkward conversations we need to start havi…

Daddy Issues

March 21, 2022

I became acutely aware of what the term "daddy issues" meant as I started dating after my divorce. I had a ton of them. This fact is apparent to anyone who has read my writing for any length of time. The women that I dated h…

How to Install Family Pride

March 26, 2021

As a young father, I came across so many individuals who despised their family and family name. I found this heartbreaking. I had to change that with my daughters. If I could instill a sense of pride in being an Aguirre, the…

Portfolio of Success l How I Helped My Daughters Develop Confidence and Speak With Power

Feb. 26, 2021

They can shoot a basketball with decent form. They throw and catch a football (often better than most boys). They can write with power and vulnerability, step on stage, and share their truth with a room full of people. They …