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Jan. 28, 2021

Becoming Super Heroes

Becoming Super Heroes
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Eleven years ago I was invited to speak at my daughter's Career Day.  This is the story of that day and I what I shared with them.  


Hello and welcome to today's reading of my newest atomic essay, the title being becoming superheroes. So I'm going to read this and then speak about it a little bit and what inspired me to write it and what my thought process was behind it. So here we go. Knees, weak, arms are heavy. I stood there nervous and sweating in front of a room full of little boys and girls. 11 years ago, I was invited to speak to them on Career Day, where they left me out of the room where they like me. When I even make sense, I relax. When I said something funny and made them laugh on, I was accepted. I shared some. I shared how I sold digital products to people from all over the world on the Internet. This is a time before all kids have cell phones. So it took a minute to make it clear it would be much easier to explain today. They seemed impressed and engaged. I was happy. I shared with the kids what skills I needed to do my job and what they should be focused on focusing on as they got older. Math, reading, writing, speaking. But then I told them there was one skill that they had to master above them all, learn to learn. Make it your superpower, become superheroes. Oh, they echoed in unison. As we move into the future, you will need to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. Jobs will exist in the future that don't even exist today. You will solve problems and make the world a better place. Learn something. Learning to learn will make this easier. The more skill you learn and stack and excuse me, the more skills you learn and start to think of, the more valuable you will become. I into my speech. They applauded and then came and asked me if I was really bad. Daddy, I nodded. This is 2009. But all entering the workforce now or going and or going to college. I often wonder if I made an impact in at least one of them to become a superhero. So years and years ago, I I used to do a lot more of these little speaking gigs and I would be invited, which is always fantastic feeling to feel that in some way I can inspire the future generations. Obviously, if you are if you've been listening to my stuff or reading my stuff for any period of time, you know that I obviously have that mindset when it comes to my daughter's inspiring them and hoping and helping them become superheroes or ninjas like a friend of mine once used to say. But it's learning to learn by far is one of the best things that I've learned to do well are learning that it takes that it is a process and appreciating the time that it takes, knowing that you're not going to figure something out just by reading a book once or twice or just by trying to apply it over a short period of time, realizing that there are stages to the process, but that almost every single skill out there is learnable to me makes it makes me feel like anyone can have that superpower, whether it's learning how to shoot a basketball just for your own leisure and play basketball just at a decent level and maybe play in a small league, which is in a league at the park or they call a recreation center. I actually did that for a while, or whether it's whether it's learning how to code and then changing the trajectory for your life and being able to create products with your code that that help you create a company that helped you create some type of legacy. That's also another thing anyone can learn to code. It's pretty fascinating to learn to code, actually, because if you can do that, then even you don't even have to be great. You just know enough. That's probably what's true for me, learning enough to where you can then hire someone inevitably, eventually to be able to produce, produce a better product, make it look better, but you can possibly make it functional and be able then to explain it to someone that has devoted their entire life to it, learning to write, learning to write prolifically. I believe that's a superpower. If you learn to write. I told my daughters this probably will be the subject of an article on its own. But if you learn to write, you will always, always, always have a job, because writing at the end of the day has been pretty evident to me over the last few months. Writing is at the core of every single piece of content that's created, whether it's a movie or movie script, whether it's a book, a love song or a rap song. It's all writing, blogging, podcasting and videos, perhaps long form videos. Maybe you don't write like I'm not writing this, but I have the material in my head and I have kind of an outline of what I want to say. So it's written in a format. It's an outline is still writing. You're in a sense, I suppose, writing live. Right? It's not a complete abstract thought, but writing is a superpower to what I was just anything almost I'd say 80, 90 percent of the skills out there in the world, including those that can be monetized, can be learned. I learned quickly, learned efficiently on your own with little to no assistance, or maybe with you buy a cause or you enrol in a course of some sort or just watch YouTube videos, learning how to edit videos, learning how to do graphic design. All these things are attainable. If you just learn how to learn and can be attainable in a lifetime, you don't have to be one thing. And in fact, if you can learn in stack create a unique stack of skills, you in fact start becoming an absolute superhero. You become Superman, you become the indestructible one. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating. Point being is if you're going to start writing with public speaking, with marketing, with, I don't know, maybe you're a dentist. If you stack that, if you went to dental school. And I think those skills together, you become the kind of dentist that can create a practice that creates content that is fantastic and engaging. And people love you, your father, anything is possible. I'll just throw this out there, taking improv, learning how to be funny as possible, the structured to humor their structure to the jokes. Yes, perhaps you're a really super funny guy in the school, but you were just the class clown. That's one aspect of being funny. However, there's the kind of comedy that that people used to write comedies and comedians are right there, standups, they're structure to it and that can be learned. I personally have taken improv and I've learned how some basic premises of improv, of comedy in general and improvisational comedy, to be specific, that allows me to be funny in the moment, I suppose. But this is all learnable. These are this for me, learning to be funny was kind of something I just want. Do, but little did I know when I initially started it that it would actually benefit me in my day to day life and even in my business, I tend to be the funnier one in the group of people. You know, people become disarmed when they hear somebody funny, somebody look at or take a different approach, a humorous approach to something that may be mundane or just out of people. Most people would not be interested in. I typically find the humor in that I find a humorous moment. These are only possible if you understand that things take time and you devote enough time to it and you learn to learn. This is all the stuff which you hear right now during some of the cutting room edits that had to be chopped off for the sake of writing this essay. Moving forward, I'll be sharing reading the essay and sharing more thoughts that revolve around it to kind of give some more context, a on how much was left out and B, just to share, because there is so much more that gets left out of it that I wish I could share. But for the the the points of being able to point to the point rather than the further point of being poignant and succinct, it is. I have to cut all this stuff out anyways. Thank you for listening. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast. I'll be doing these every two or three days and I'll be actually having interviews at least once a week or every two weeks with professionals that are doing crazy things, friends of mine or people that I may run into that can actually help you, help you see a bigger picture. They'll share their stories about how they accomplish the things that they've accomplished there. Most of them are going to be out of the box, individuals who've taken a different approach to life than what was prescribed to us when we were young. So, once again, thank you for listening. Make sure to describe if you enjoyed this. Leave me a review and I'll talk to you in a couple of days. Bye bye.